This project is an explorative proposal of a new way to think about direct communication in the theatre context. The project consists of two parts: redefining tickets and an installation. It states a critical design proposition, which was developed in cooperation with the Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen.

Together with Kamil and Tim



We believe tickets are an underdeveloped medium, therefore we decided to propose a different use for it. Here, the tickets are printed with news stories from the recent past which are thematically related to the theme of the performance (fe. violence, poverty, distrust, etc.). The main aim of this intervention is to connect the real – for the theatre ‘the outside’ – world with the performance to encourage discussion.


The following part of the project is an installation with museum-like labels, which are placed in unexpected spots and mention themes from various performances. By this project we aim to encourage reflection on performances, their connection to the real world as well as questioning the value of theatre experience itself.