Portraits have always been more than the physiognomic and naturalistic reproduction of a person. They always involve the attempt of capturing the complexity of personality through a conscious perspectivity. Therefore, the project tries to approach to the subject by applying a self-algorithmic method, which was inspired by instruction artists like Sol LeWitt. The result constitutes a generative portrait series of members of my family beyond any techno-positivistic ascendancies.



The procedure of the portrait consists of actual drawing instructions to the portrayed. Thus, the artefact is initially crafted by the portrayed themself, but the conceptual conduct is incumbent upon the algorithm.

The basic framework had to be constructed by dividing a DIN A1 sheet into 13 partitions. For each part the same instructions were given that ranged from pure physiognomic drawing tasks to more psychological reflections regarding past, present and future of each participant.

The final result states a multigenerational series of two branches of my family clan. The series is planned to be continued.